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Contact and location
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The Dream Angel (De Droomengel)

IJsseldijk 63
tel.: 0031 570-564 554
8196KC Welsum


• Navigation: choose Welsum 'OLST/WIJHE', not Welsum 'Dalfsen or IJsseldijk 63 in Veessen (village northern)'!


52.33690, 6.09323
N 52 20.214, E 6 5.594
N 52 20 12.8, E 6 5 35.6
203119, 483454
hoogte: 5.7 meter.
bron: www.gpscoordinaten.nl


Despite the quiet location of the Dream Angel it is easily accessible and there are good facilities nearby. From the nearby towns and the A50 your destination can be reached in 15-20 minutes. And as mentioned, the route over the dike is beautiful!

Exapmples, by car:
Oene (supermarket, restaurants, bakery, famous butchery): 8 min. / Deventer (Hanseatic, scenic route):15 min / Zwolle (Hanseatic): 20 min / Epe (Veluwe, shops): 15 min. / Olst (supermarkets, shops, restaurants, bakery, trainstation): 10-15 min. (dep. on ferry) / Zutphen (Hanseatic, scenic route S): 40 min. / Kampen (Hanseatic, scenic route N): 60 min. / Amsterdam: 100 min.

By public transport:

Also with public transportation the Dream Angel is easily accessible. From Olst station it takes a few minutes walk to the ferry (out of service at 22:00 exactly; please note that the ferry can be taken out of service when the river is flooded. Please check here before departure!). Across the river you take a walk on the dike of a few minutes to your destination. You can also rent a bike in Olst. (Just call in advance.) If you have heavy luggage? Just ask if we can pick you up (approx € 5, -. ferry costs).

  The Dream Angel is located in the village of Welsum, roughly halfway Deventer Zwolle, but right on the West Bank of the river IJssel. It is a quiet village where life is peaceful and people greet you and have time for a chat.




Fotografie en fotobewerking door Marianne van Beek, Atelier De Nieuwe Engel ©. (Behalve sommig beeldmateriaal op 'zienendoen')
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De Droomengel - IJsseldijk 63 - 8196 KC - Welsum - Tel. 0031 570-564 554 - info@dedroomengel.nl