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It's beautiful in the river vallei ... sometimes even heavenly!

It is located between two popular natural areas. Nevertheless, it is touristy (yet) hardly discovered.
From the terrace on the dike there are expansive views to the ferry to Olst; to the south you have beautiful views of the diverting river IJssel.

Our favorite natural phenomena
In the morning fog patches above the river are leaving only the top of the passing river boats visible.
in the afternoon the colors become very intense on a sunny sky when dark rain clouds appear
in the evening the beautiful sunset glows on the horizon in the direction of Oene ...
And also in the autumn and winter it is often particularly beautiful. For example morning ripe in the flood plain around the Pollard willows that are standing with their feet in the river water after the river flooded. Ice layers that hang on barbed wire, after the water has withdrawn again.

All deliver postcard pictures to take home with you!

pijl Pictures Nature
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Pictures of Flower
  Op de zeer ruime en lichte verdieping bevinden zich twee zitgelegenheden, een complete keuken en een grote lees/eettafel.

pijl Pictures of Flower, guestroom 'the dike room'
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pijl Pictures of Flower, guestroom 'lovely'
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pijl Pictures of Cozy
  In 'Flower' these panoramic photo's created by Marianne can be found.


Fotografie en fotobewerking door Marianne van Beek, Atelier De Nieuwe Engel ©.
Beeldmateriaal mag niet gebruikt worden zonder nadrukkelijke toestemming.

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